Corporate outline
Corporate outline
Establishment May 1, 1948
Capital 25,200,000 yen
Representative Masao Yoshida
The number of employees 60 persons
The contents of an enterprise
O Design manufacture of image-processing inspection equipment
O Design manufacture of laborsaving automation equipment
O Manufacture of part FIDA and part supply equipment
O Manufacturing and selling of the ball made from a hard metal
O Precision instrument processing of an electric point of contact and a sintering alloy
O Precision instrument processing of nonferrous-metal parts
Place of business
[Osaka head office]
3-13-11, Kasuga, Ibaraki-shi, Osaka
call 0726-26-3611 (generation)

[Automation system part]
4-15-7, Torikaihommachi, Settsu-shi, Osaka
call 0726-54-8002 (generation)

[Osaka seiko YUKI work place]
400-2, Yasuda, Yuki-cho, Jinseki-gun, Hiroshima-ken
TEL 08478-2-0111

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